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About our city: Louisville in Kentucky

the city of Louisville, KYBeing a mobile mechanic in Kentucky is a true profession. We are super proud of our trade and we get a lot of joy from serving the cars near Louisville year after year. Most of the crew members of Rhino Mobile Mechanics of Louisville were born and raised in this city, so we think it is very important that we introduce it to people who have not visited it yet. While this city might be not the most known in the USA, we really think that there are so many treasures here which are worth to explore. Not to mention that the people living here are famous for being very kind and fun. That is why we gathered here a few important facts about Louisville, so you can get to know it better. No matter if you are into eating, culture or sports, this city has so much to offer to everyone. We hope you will enjoy our guide about Louisville, but if you think we have missed something important, let us know and we can update our list with your recommendations as well.

Top neighborhoods in Louisville, KY:

Downtown of Louisville


Crescent Hill

Great restaurants in the city:

Feast BBQ


Jack Fry’s

Top things to visit and see in Louisville, KY:

Slugger Museum

Science Center

Louisville Zoo

Probably by now you have already realized that we are a big fan of Louisville, KY. It is a great joy for us to see the excitement on the face of our friends and family members visiting us for the first time here and discovering this great city. When you take a longer walk next to the Ohio River, you will discover just how special Louisville really is. It might not be the most popular tourist destination in the USA, but it is important to note, that people who are visiting this city always leave with special experiences in their hearts.

This might be mostly because of the people who are living here in Louisville and make this place so special. They are mostly very kind-hearted people who are always looking or opportunities to make the stay of visitiors more worthwhile. It is also important to mention that there are great places to visit near Louisville such as Mt. Washington or Clarksville. So even if you think that you have discovered most parts of the city, there are plenty of opportunities to see even more exciting things in the area.

Mobile Mechanic in Louisville, KY

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